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Searching for just the right voice?

Are you looking for someone to put the right feeling, the right attitude, and just the right emotion into your script to really connect with your audience and deliver your message the way you imagined?  ​​

You've found the right talent in Rich Savage. 

Rich is a trusted voice talent who has voiced commercials, political ads, business videos, product introductions, sales videos, e-learning, medical & scientific videos, phone messaging, historical narration, and many other kinds of projects for companies such as Embraer Aircraft, R.J. O'Brien and Associates, Novisign and many more.   

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With over 25 years experience in the broadcast television industry, Rich knows what kind of deadlines and pressures a producer has to deal with on a daily basis.  So he makes it as easy as possible for you to get the voice over you need in the quickest time possible.  

He also provides the highest quality voice over services from his Source Connect/ISDN equipped studio.  Rich can perform the voice you need and produce the best audio in whatever form you need.  

Contact Rich today for a voice over services quote, a custom audition, or to discuss the details of your project.  Book Rich now and Connect with Your Listeners.


  1. "Rich is very easy to work with and very responsive. Will hire again. "

    Marilyn from Embraer Aircraft

  2. "Rich was very professional and delivered a fantastic VO for us. He was very fast with revisions that were needed and we hope to work
    with him in the future. "

    Kari from GuRuStu Tulsa​​

CLC 1539 18in. Tool Carrier
Rich narrated this product introduction video for CLC Work Gear.
Video produced by Auteur Digital.
Captivating History​

Narrated by Rich Savage
A series of animated videos explaining the characters and history of mythology throughout the world.
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